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The SunBox Company Shares a Light Box with 270net Technologies

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The Digital Marketing team at 270net Technologies recently had the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of Light Therapy for the first time. The SunBox Company founder, Neal Owens, lent a SunBox SunLight Plus® 10,000 Lux SAD Lamp to the team, so they could feel the impact of a bright light box for those who work in corporate offices.

A SunBox Light Box stimulates natural light, which is hard to come by for individuals who are stuck indoors throughout most of the winter months. The winter season is especially difficult since the days are shorter and natural light is limited. Science has proven time and time again that natural light is necessary for our body’s overall health and wellness, which is why some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the Winter Blues when they do not receive natural light throughout their day.

The 270net Technologies Digital Marketing team are among the many Maryland corporate workers who are stuck indoors for eight or more hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Here is what they had to say about their experiences with a SunBox:

“I am so thankful to the owners, Neal and Terri, for lending 270net Technologies a light box! In our partnership together, we wanted to experience first-hand what a light box could do for those who suffer from the Winter Blues. We were able to test out a light box for a couple of days in the middle of December. Even in that short amount of time, I was able to notice a difference. My office at the time did not have any windows for natural light to come in. I set the lamp up on my desk just above my computer screen. At first, my eyes needed to adjust to the bright light, but after a few minutes, I noticed my energy levels increasing and my mind was more alert than usual. This helped me stay focused on my work throughout the day, especially in the mornings when I felt groggy. I do not suffer from SAD or Winter Blues, but I know plenty of people in my circle who do. I will be recommending a SunBox to them after my positive experience!” – Jessica Morales, Digital Marketer at 270net Technologies


“My office seems fairly bright already, due to the overhead fluorescent lighting, so I wasn’t expecting a huge difference when using the light box. After some experimenting, I have been pleasantly surprised to notice an improvement in clarity and overall comfort when the light box is positioned on a shelf about 15” above the desk on my right. This allows the brightest light to be just above eye level, without creating any problems viewing my computer screen.” – Jeni Lubbert, Director of Sales/Business Development at 270net Technologies


“I had a positive experience with my use of the SunBox. I do not suffer from seasonal depression, so I was worried that I wouldn’t benefit from the extra light. I did notice a difference after the second or third day, however. I was more productive during my mornings and felt much more mentally active than I was before. My office is usually quite dim in the mornings until the sun shines through my window, so the light the SunBox produced made me feel even more awake than before.” – Allison Bodine, Digital Marketer at 270net Technologies

Overall, their experiences were all affirmative of the fact that the SunBox Light Box had a healing impact. The bright light therapy was energizing and effective even within a couple of days.

If you’d like to try out a SunBox Light Box, contact The SunBox Company for more information!


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