Due to our limited hours, we are requiring an appointment for in-store sales or repairs until further notice. Masks ARE required. Please email info@sunbox.com and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please include your phone number if you would like a return call on the days we are not in the office. Thank you for your understanding, stay well and have a sunny day!


We would like to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to send us these wonderful testimonials praising our products, customer service, and warranty. It’s difficult to post all of the testimonials we receive, simply due to the length of time we have been in business and the amount that we receive. Here is is a handful of our raving reviews. We are in business to assist people through light therapy, and it is a true pleasure and honor to hear that our SAD light boxes and other products have been and continue to be beneficial in people’s lives.

I put in an order for lightbulbs for my SunRay and for a smaller lightbox for my mother. An hour later, Terri from SunBox called to tell me that my box was 25 years old and that the lightbulbs I’d ordered would be a bad investment, as they wouldn’t last in such an old box. When I mentioned that I’d bought the smaller box for my mother, Terri asked me if she had macular degeneration. Well, yes, she does. Terri told me that mom shouldn’t use the box. Wow! She canceled the lightbulbs and I’m keeping the new Sunlight Jr for myself. I have never in my life had such tremendous customer service. I’m a customer for life!


I am so happy with the new SunBox Junior. Thank you for treating me not just as a long time customer but as family. Wanted to share an arrival story.

I had contractors at my house today and finally got a chance to break away,  distractedly, and picked up the old SunBox and took to the trash bin across the street. As I was walking back to my door a USPS delivery person was walking towards me with the package of the new SunBox Jr. that you just shipped yesterday.

I took that as a heavenly sign. Have trust to let go of the old. God has your back, and will catch you and deliver you.

And also as a sign to remember to order a new bulb every three years, lol!

Thank you for your friendly and timely email follow up that prompted me to call you, and your “we’ve got your back” customer service. It felt like my mom had made me lunch.

GS - Reston, VA

I’m a HUGE fan of both SunBox the company, and my SunBox lamp. Your customer service is incredible, you are local (to me), and your products are all USA made. I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

About 15 years ago, my therapist suggested adding light therapy to my treatment, as an adjunct for depression and anxiety, during the darker months of the year. I bought a SunSation Lamp with the optional floor stand. For years, I had my morning coffee, read the papers (and procrastinated) for an hour or so under my lamp.  I began to feel much better during those fall and winter months, and I slept more soundly. My light has made an enormous difference in my daily life.

Recently I got a new dog, who is now nine months old and still voraciously bites and chews things. Unbeknownst to me, Izzy had chowed down on the cord to my SunSation, rendering it unusable. I called SunBox, and Terri was immediately helpful. I live close enough to their store that I could drop it off for a cord replacement. (At the same time I learned that I should have been replacing the bulb every three years.)  SunBox replaced the cord for free! I bought a new bulb and ballast, which SunBox installed, as well as a new screen. I also learned that a great deal of cat hair can get inside the lamp for over 15 years!

I would highly recommend their lamps and their store in Frederick, MD to anyone, anywhere. Thank you to everyone at SunBox for what you do.  You are really heroes who save lives.

Thank you.


I have had my SunSation since 2014. It has made such a difference in my life. I am happier and definitely manage the winter easier. When I had COVID-19, I made sure that I spent time under my light and I swear it helped. My dog loves it too. He curls up under it when I have it on.

Bonnie C

I love my Sunlight Jr!  It is so compact and easy to use. It makes me happy and sunny, too.

I also want to say that customer service is prompt, pleasant, and efficient. Thank you so much.

A Very Satisfied Customer

Sunshine In Alaska! Thanks to Terri and Sarah for the excellent customer service for a recent order. The Sunlight Jr arrived quickly and was shipped as discussed. The product will be very beneficial during the winter months.

IL - Alaska

Recently I needed a desk lamp ballast replaced and was preparing to send it to The SunBox Company at their HQ in Maryland.  Terri called and indicated that she and Neal would be driving through my home-town while on a road trip.  They very kindly offered to make any necessary repairs during their brief stop-over.  In addition to wanting to save shipping costs they were concerned there might have been a delay with repairs if they were out of town when my lamp was delivered to HQ.  Email and telephone assistance has always been great.  But, this “in-person” level of customer service was awesome!

Once again the team at The SunBox Company has provided superior customer service.  I have benefited greatly from the positive impact their lightboxes and lamps have had upon my health and well-being for 20+ years. Consistently fast turn-around time for communication and after-sales product servicing has made me a long-time and future repeat customer.

Kip B.

I received my repaired desk lamp this afternoon…God Bless You and THANK YOU! From the day I originally purchased my desk lamp to the present; it has become a necessary part of daily life. A daily tool if you will. Thank you for everything you did to get it repaired/returned in a timely manner. I’m truly grateful for your efforts during a tough time for all of us. I’ll be in touch in the next three years for a replacement bulb. Until then, thank you again for ALL of your hard work…you make a difference in my life.

Matthew S.

Light Therapy for California? Yes. San Francisco summer’s are notoriously variable. Some years July & August have beautiful days…after 3pm. The mornings spent under cloud cover for weeks. I use the SunBox for 30 minutes while journaling each morning. Perfectly peaceful and leaves me grounded. Without that – I am cranky. Thank you SunBox!


Love My New SUNBOX! I have been using my Sunbox light for about 2 weeks now.I recognized that familiar feeling that comes over me every winter, but this year is was even worse because we have been on “lockdown” due to the Coronavirus quarantine. I felt like I was In a cave. After the lockdown, I was going back to an office with no windows and knew that I would need something to “brighten” my day AND my spirits. Neal and Terri told me to come in and take a look at the Sunbox lights. Terri showed me how they work and I walked out with a beautiful Neal original painted SUNBOX! After using my light for 2 weeks, I can tell you I have so much more energy every day. I am getting more done and feel more cheerful and happy. I have the energy to get through my day! I only have to spend 30 minutes every morning in front of my light while sitting at my desk working!Thank you Neal and Terri for brightening my days and for the great product!

KH, Maryland
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