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SAD In Adults and SAD In Children Is More Common Than You Might Think

It’s not unusual to see signs of SAD in children and adults of both genders, and people of all ages.

SAD in Children

SAD in children is measured as a small but significant percentage, with the female-male ratio being about equal among this age group.

SAD in Adults

Most of us are aware of winter depression in adults, but until recently there hasn’t been a lot of data giving exact numbers.

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In the 15-43 age group, however, women outnumber men by nearly 3.5 to 1. After age 44, the number of women starts to decline and the gender ratio again equalizes.

SAD in Children and Adults

The effect of latitude on the incidence of winter depression in adults and children has not been determined conclusively. Numerous studies indicate that incidence increases with higher latitude, but some other studies have either failed to show any correlation or shown an opposite trend.

Anyone deprived of regular sunlight exposure or adequate indoor lighting can suffer from SAD symptoms. A series of rainy, overcast days can trigger SAD even in the summertime.

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