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Do you suffer from Winter Blues?

It is a fact: the winter blues, also known as winter depression, is a real condition affecting millions of Americans of all ages on a yearly basis. Because of the way the human body responds to natural sunlight, reduced amounts of sunlight that naturally occur in the fall and winter months lead to physical and mental sluggishness, low motivation, decreased sex drive and appetite, and other troubles.

Getting Over the Winter Blues is Possible

Whether you or someone you love suffers from winter depression, there is a cure. Since 1985, The SunBox Company has been dedicated to helping people conquer winter depression. Our award-winning, nationally recognized natural lighting products make getting over the winter blues easier than you ever imagined.

Our Lamps for Winter Depression Really Work

From desktops lamps to full-spectrum bulbs to lamps for winter depression that can light an entire room, The Sunbox Company can help you feel great all year long. Just a few minutes exposure per day is all it takes to combat the winter blues and regain your enthusiasm, your energy, and your concentration.

Stop fighting that yearly battle with the winter blues. Browse our selection of light therapy products now, and find the one that will make you smile again!

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