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Finding the Right Light Box

When it comes to choosing a light box to combat the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it’s important to know that finding the right light box can mean the difference between genuine relief from symptoms and money wasted on an inferior product.

Start by Looking for the Best Light Boxes Available

The simple truth is the best light boxes offer the best light therapy. In general, light boxes are fixtures containing white fluorescent light bulbs behind a diffuser, and tilted forward so that the light is angled downward, permitting more light to enter the eyes and decreasing the apparent brightness of the light, in turn creating less glare and improving user comfort.

The diffuser of a light box performs two purposes: it spreads the light evenly over the surface of the unit, and it absorbs and filters out the potentially harmful UV rays. A variety of light boxes are available to meet individual needs, including large models on floor stands for use with exercise equipment, very compact models for frequent travel, and even models designed to fit into standard office decor.

While the critical factor in obtaining the best light therapy with a light box is the intensity of the light, the best light boxes feature full spectrum light with the UV-A and UV-B filtered out for eye and skin safety. This also produces fewer glares than other types of lighting, resulting in greater user comfort.

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