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How to Care for Your SunBox Lightbox

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You love your lightbox, and for good reason. You’ve discovered that it can not only help with SAD, but it improves sleep, increases energy, fights depression, and can help with age-related disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now, you want to keep your lightbox clean and make sure it keeps working fo

r a very long time. Here are a few tips on how to best care for your SunBox and keep it running safely and optimally.

  1. Turn the device off and make sure it is unplugged before cleaning it.
  2. Avoid cleaning the LED lights with a dampened cloth, liquids, or sprays. You can spray these surfaces with canned air or a blow dryer on a cool, low setting.
  3. Clean the exterior of the SunBox with a damp cloth. 
  4. Dry the exterior surfaces of your lightbox with a clean, lint-free towel.
  5. If desired, you can use a cloth gently soaked with alcohol to sterilize the exterior surfaces of your lightbox.
  6. Do NOT submerge the lightbox in water; this device contains electrical components that will be ruined by submersion.
  7. Store the box safely in a cool, dry area and avoid putting heavy objects on top of it.
  8. Don’t place strain on the SunBox lightbox power cord by wrapping it too tightly, twisting it excessively, or stretching it too far.
  9. Light therapy bulbs are designed to last, but they can lose effectiveness over time. Replace the bulbs every two years.
  10. Keep your SunBox away from heat and out of direct sunlight.
  11. Avoid placing the box where it may get knocked off a surface. Try a stand or a wall mounted unit for optimal, safe placement of your SunBox lightbox.
  12.  Never use your lightbox in or around water.

Troubleshooting Your SunBox Lightbox

While it’s highly unlikely that your Sunbox will experience issues when used as directed, we offer a lifetime limited warranty* to make sure your purchase is protected against factory defects. This warranty covers the lightbox as long as you replace the light bulbs every three years to guarantee your satisfaction throughout the life of the product. SunBox will repair malfunctioning lightboxes, but there are a few things you can check on your own if the box stops functioning properly.


  • If the lightbox doesn’t turn on, make sure it is firmly plugged into the outlet and that there is power to the outlet.
  • If the box still won’t power on, check that the cord has not become disconnected from the lightbox.
  • Flickering lights might indicate a loose bulb, or a bulb that needs to be replaced.
  • If the unit isn’t providing the same benefits as it had been, you may need to replace the bulbs. Remember to change the bulbs every three years to keep the light unit covered under warranty.


With proper care, and changing the bulbs every three years, your lightbox will provide you with years of enjoyment!


*Warranty is non-transferable.

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