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I would not be here without the SunBox Company’s light box!

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Dear SunBox Company:

Have been singing your praises for years now; went on to Naomi Judd’s FB page and left a comment on hers and Ashley’s FB page about The SunBox Company and how your light box continues to bring me up and out of suicidal depression.  Can’t tell y’all enough how much your company and product means so very much to me!
I shared that other boxes (companies) simply will not lift person out of suicidal ideation as your box (with new tubes/bulbs) has done for me!  However, I have been told by a nurse here locally that her box (NOT a SunBox box) is great for growing plants, and nothing else!
Other light box companies light boxes are very good for growing plants and not helpful with daily usage especially through winter months (in my case gets worse in winter months) of lifting person(s) out of extreme suicidal depression as your GREAT light box does for me daily again especially through winter months!  I would not be here without The SunBox Company’s light box. And that’s a fact!
With great gratitude and so much thankfulness Merry Christmas!


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