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SunBox is a BIG difference from the cheap lights on the internet.

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Dear Mr. Owens,

Sunbox is a BIG difference from the cheap lights on the internet.

I have bought three different light therapy products on the internet before I found Sunbox. The difference between the cheap light therapy lamps and the Sunbox lamps is the power of the lights. Anyone can say their lamp is 10,000 lux, but they don’t tell you how far. But the big difference is that on cheaper ones it is only 10,000 lux about 1/4 inch from the bulbs! I can sit about 14 inches from yours. I now own 3 Sunboxes, 2 at home an one for my desk at work. By far, your quality products were the ones that help lift me out of depression. I thank you for the outstanding customer service and top notch products you make here in the US. I’m happy to buy American made products. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!


Steven E.

Steven EWashington, D.C.
97 Monocacy Blvd, Suite C, Frederick, MD 21701 240-651-3286 1-800-548-3968