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LOVE My SunBox!!!

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LOVE My SunBox!!!

Light Therapy for Sleep Disorders and Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have known for years that I am one of the many with SAD. What I did not know was that the medication I was taking for breast cancer (an aromatase inhibitor called Letrozole) had the side effect of contributing much more depression. It took a number of months to figure this out.

I was feeling really miserable and called The SunBox Company.  Terri invited me to come to the office because there was a newer model, the Sun-Sation, that I wasn’t familiar with.  She took the time to really talk to me, and I will always be grateful.
Then she invited me to sit at a table and “try it out.” Literally the minute I turned the Sun-Sation on, I could feel the difference.  It is a smaller version of the original light box, and is just as effective.
I keep the Sun-Sation on the kitchen table and love the flexibility it gives me because it takes up such a small space.  I use it every day, even in the summer.  It literally is the difference between the dark and the light. I feel very lucky that this company exists and with such nice and helpful people at the helm.
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