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I would highly recommend your SunBox products to others!!

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Hello SunBox,

I have had one of your lights, the SunSation, for a few years now. It is very helpful with my S.A.D.and depression and I use it daily.
Sadly I dropped it and broke the bulb last week. I called your office and ordered a new bulb. The service was exceptional and I received the bulb in two days.
I count on this product as it was “prescribed” by my Psychiatrist as an alternative to another medication for treating depression and difficult cycling (I am bipolar).
In the beginning I fought the inconvenience of waking up an extra 30 minutes every day but once I started doing so I noticed a drastic change in my mental health and well being.

The only thing better than your great product was the exceptional service I received.
It was challenging replacing the bulb since the old one was disconnected, but when I called your office Nicole was very patient and tried to guide me through the “operation” and when
she couldn’t help me fully she referred me to Wes who also was very patient and helped me with everything including staying on the phone with me as I put the screws back in
and re-mounted it to the stand.

I would highly recommend your SunBox products to others and let them rest assured that you stand by your products so well

Moshe ABaltimore, MD
97 Monocacy Blvd, Suite C, Frederick, MD 21701 240-651-3286 1-800-548-3968 orders@sunbox.com