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Thank you SunBox! Awesome customer service!

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Dear SunBox company:

I purchased the Sunlight Jr with a carrying case. The day I ordered online, one of the owners called me to make sure their product would arrive safely. We had a friendly conversation during which she learned that my psychiatrist not only used the product but had recommended it to me. She contacted my doctor offering discounts for patients the doctor referred and told me I would be receiving the same discount. Awesome customer service!

When I received the product I used it as I was directed. After a few weeks my sleep was back on schedule for the first time in years. I was falling to sleep within 15 minutes and was waking up without the aid of an alarm clock, feeling rested. I now know that eight hours of sleep means eight hours, not eight hours and two or more trying to fall asleep, with a foggy day to follow.

Best of all I feel happy and was able to work hard on this year’s political campaign, remaining smiling and content, no matter how friendly or rude people reacted. Some friends commented to me that I seemed to be the happiest I have ever been. When I told them about Sunbox, several said they were going to look into the product. Living in Wisconsin we have some mighty dreary and lightless days, especially for those working indoors. Seasonal repression can easily take over.

Thank you SunBox. I will use your Sunlight Jr. 365 days a year. In the summer my time in the sun is also limited because of severe allergies and a heart problem. With the carrying case, if I am away from home the Sunlight Jr. will be a light friend to pack.



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