Professional Endorsements

Sunbox has received endorsements from medical professionals, the press, and more.

Dear SunBox Company, My patients love you! Thanks for what you do! Best, Janet L, Ph.D.

Janet L. Ph.D.VA

I have used light boxes from the SunBox Company and referred patients there since the mid 1980s. I have confidence in the effectiveness of SunBox products and my patients have been very satisfied with their customer service. I particularly favor the SunSquare because it is large, powerful and can be used in a variety of ways.

Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.Clinical Professor of PsychiatryGeorgetown University and author of Winter Blues

My experience with the Sun Box Company goes back more than 20 years, to when I was living and researching SAD in Fairbanks, Alaska. In my practice in Bellevue, WA, near Seattle, SunBox continues to be my first choice for both Lights and Dawn Light Simulators. The Loaner program has been an easy way to introduce patients to the light therapy practice routine, to be sure it is a good fit for them.

Carla Hellekson, MDBellevue, WA

The loan program has been an indispensable part of my practice for many years. It allows me and my patient to test the utility of therapeutic light treatment without the expense of purchasing a product the patient may not benefit from or a model they don’t like.

James Flax, MD, MPH, DFAPAPomona, NY

As a naturopathic sleep specialist I regularly recommend your products to patients, and have participated in your loaner program.

Catherine Darley, NDSeattle, WA

For many years I have been taking advantage of the SunBox program of leasing light boxes to therapists. Not only has the program allowed me to use the later purchase light boxes for myself and also refer clients to your company for their own light box needs, but I have also had clients purchase my loaner light box at the end of the season that I was able to sell to them at the reduced prices you make available. In addition, your customer service has, without exception, been personal, efficient and friendly, which makes dealing with your company regrettable only in that contacts are so limited and infrequent. It is a pleasure to endorse your product and services.

Patricia M. Bjorkquist, Ph.D.Salem, Oregon

We were overjoyed to see the large Sunbox package arrive on this bleak and rainy day on the last day of July in Fairbanks. We immediately plugged the returned units in and are thankful to be able to use them today. We continue to be impressed with your speedy and exemplary customer service. Also, many thanks for the postage refund I received last week. What a company!!

U.S. District Court of Alaska

As a psychiatrist, I often include therapeutic light boxes as either solo or adjunctive treatment of various mood disorders. I often see them as brilliant prevention modalities. I would highly recommend your company as the most reliable source of therapeutic light boxes. I initially read about your company years ago in the book Beyond Prozac, and since then have sent hundreds of patients to your company. You have served as a good educational source, explaining various products and helping to match their needs. I know your machines have been used in many of the scientific studies, and would consider your machines the gold standard. Over the years as I have come into contact with other companies. I have only come to value your products and service more. Also, through your guidance, many patients have been able to obtain insurance reimbursements, as a medically prescribed device.

Dr. Shelly MenolascinoNew York, NY

We have used the SunRay light box in a series of studies on sleep and aging over the past decade. The Sunbox Company has been a pleasure to do business with – very responsive to our needs and those of our research subjects.

Sue McCurry, Ph.DResearch ProfessorPsychosocial and Community Health University of Washington

Start by reading Winter Blues by Dr. Norman Rosenthal, and then choose a reputable manufacturer, like The SunBox Company of Gaithersburg, MD.

Time Magazine, Oct. 26 1998