Winter Blues and Weather Getting To You?

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If you’re trapped indoors by bad weather and feeling unexplained fatigue, irritability and sadness, you aren’t alone,” states Neal Owens, of The SunBox Company, citing a U.S. Public Health Service report indicating that one in five people feel worse in winter. January through March are the worst months for the winter blues.

Owens combats seasonal blahs by sitting for twenty minutes each day in front of his invention, the SunBox, a special lamp that gives off light 10-20 times brighter than regular indoor light. Daily use of special non-UV bright lights like those sold by Owens’ The SunBox Company can reverse, or at least minimize, the effects of winter blues.

“Loss of energy and low mood, accompanied by changes in sleeping and eating habits, and sudden weight gain may signal the medical condition Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD,” says Owens, diagnosed with SAD. “Winter robs SAD sufferers of energy, enthusiasm, appetite control, and sex drive. But treatments exist to help these people gain control of winter depression.”

The SunBox Company, founded in 1985, is the original manufacturer of safe bright light devices for SAD. SunBox offers a variety of sad light boxes, dawn simulators, and light visors, all of which may help alleviate SAD symptoms. Don’t waste your money on those cheap unsafe light boxes that do not use a UV filter. Doctors warn users against bare bulb units that could cause severe eye damage. The Internet is full of poor quality and unsafe products that are untested.

Studies published in the Archives of General Psychiatry show that morning exposure to bright light is highly effective in minimizing symptoms for patients fitting the clinical profile for SAD, and produces only mild, transient side effects in some. The SunBox tricks the user’s brain into producing summertime levels of hormones, which regulate sleep, appetite, mood, and energy.

If you find it hard to get up in the morning and are tired and sluggish all day. Now is the time to get a light therapy unit. You can feel energetic and optimistic even on the darkest of winter days after trying the light. SunBox has a 45-day money back no risk guaranty also 28 years of safety and experience you can rely on.

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