Due to our limited hours, we are requiring an appointment for in-store sales or repairs until further notice. Please email info@sunbox.com and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please include your phone number if you would like a return call on the days we are not in the office. Thank you for your understanding, stay well and have a sunny day!


We would like to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to send us these wonderful testimonials praising our products, customer service, and warranty. It’s difficult to post all of the testimonials we receive, simply due to the length of time we have been in business and the amount that we receive. Here is is a handful of our raving reviews. We are in business to assist people through light therapy, and it is a true pleasure and honor to hear that our SAD light boxes and other products have been and continue to be beneficial in people’s lives.

Dear SunBox;

I suffered with SAD for many years before being diagnosed, even to the extreme of considering suicide during the dark months of January and February. At the suggestion of my psychiatrist I began using your Light Box Junior in 2007 and it has saved both my life and my marriage! It gives me back my coping skills and a positive perspective on life. As George H. W. Bush said, when I get my dose of light, my perspective becomes “CAVU: ceiling and visibility unlimited.”

L. M.

I have been using my Sunbox light for about 2 weeks now.

In early November I recognized that familiar feeling that comes over me every winter… I was dragging and everything was an effort. I felt like I was wearing concrete boots. I ordered a Sunbox light after researching SAD lamps. I thought it was worth a try to avoid putting up with 3-4 months of depression and malaise.

After using my light for 2 weeks, I can say for certain, that I have so much more energy every day. I am getting more done and feel more cheerful and energized – simply by spending 20 minutes every morning at 6:30 AM in front of my light.

A bonus has been that I am sleeping much more soundly. It has been suggested that the light therapy helps reset circadian rhythms. I don’t know why it works, only that it DOES!

Thanks for a great product!


LOVE My SunBox!!!

Light Therapy for Sleep Disorders and Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have known for years that I am one of the many with SAD. What I did not know was that the medication I was taking for breast cancer (an aromatase inhibitor called Letrozole) had the side effect of contributing much more depression. It took a number of months to figure this out.

I was feeling really miserable and called The SunBox Company.  Terri invited me to come to the office because there was a newer model, the Sun-Sation, that I wasn’t familiar with.  She took the time to really talk to me, and I will always be grateful.
Then she invited me to sit at a table and “try it out.” Literally the minute I turned the Sun-Sation on, I could feel the difference.  It is a smaller version of the original light box, and is just as effective.
I keep the Sun-Sation on the kitchen table and love the flexibility it gives me because it takes up such a small space.  I use it every day, even in the summer.  It literally is the difference between the dark and the light. I feel very lucky that this company exists and with such nice and helpful people at the helm.
P. in Fairfax

Ms. PVirginia

“You guys rock! Love my Sunbox, Love your service! Have a good day and THANK YOU for your life-changing products and great service!”

Devin N, Florida

Thanks for repairing my wonderful, 15-year-old SunBox desk lamp.

I bought the SunBox desk lamp about 15 years ago to reduce the winter “blahs” in my windowless office.  After just a couple of days at work using the lamp, my concentration and memory were noticeably sharper, and I felt much more awake.   Now retired, I use the desk lamp while paying bills and keep it on when watching TV.  Even in sunny Florida, your lamp elevates my overall mood … and after 15 years, the original bulb was still working.  Pretty amazing, eh?

Full spectrum bulbs from the hardware store help with staying awake, but not with feeling alive and fully functional.  It is your wonderful SunBox lamp that has enabled me to live a richer, fuller – even brighter – life for many years.  What you offer and the work you folks do is a real service, and has made a huge difference in my life.

Thanks again


Dear Mr. Owens,

Sunbox is a BIG difference from the cheap lights on the internet.

I have bought three different light therapy products on the internet before I found Sunbox. The difference between the cheap light therapy lamps and the Sunbox lamps is the power of the lights. Anyone can say their lamp is 10,000 lux, but they don’t tell you how far. But the big difference is that on cheaper ones it is only 10,000 lux about 1/4 inch from the bulbs! I can sit about 14 inches from yours. I now own 3 Sunboxes, 2 at home an one for my desk at work. By far, your quality products were the ones that help lift me out of depression. I thank you for the outstanding customer service and top notch products you make here in the US. I’m happy to buy American made products. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!


Steven E.

Steven EWashington, D.C.

Hello SunBox,

I have had one of your lights, the SunSation, for a few years now. It is very helpful with my S.A.D.and depression and I use it daily.
Sadly I dropped it and broke the bulb last week. I called your office and ordered a new bulb. The service was exceptional and I received the bulb in two days.
I count on this product as it was “prescribed” by my Psychiatrist as an alternative to another medication for treating depression and difficult cycling (I am bipolar).
In the beginning I fought the inconvenience of waking up an extra 30 minutes every day but once I started doing so I noticed a drastic change in my mental health and well being.

The only thing better than your great product was the exceptional service I received.
It was challenging replacing the bulb since the old one was disconnected, but when I called your office Nicole was very patient and tried to guide me through the “operation” and when
she couldn’t help me fully she referred me to Wes who also was very patient and helped me with everything including staying on the phone with me as I put the screws back in
and re-mounted it to the stand.

I would highly recommend your SunBox products to others and let them rest assured that you stand by your products so well

Moshe ABaltimore, MD

Dear SunBox Company:

Have been singing your praises for years now; went on to Naomi Judd’s FB page and left a comment on hers and Ashley’s FB page about The SunBox Company and how your light box continues to bring me up and out of suicidal depression.  Can’t tell y’all enough how much your company and product means so very much to me!
I shared that other boxes (companies) simply will not lift person out of suicidal ideation as your box (with new tubes/bulbs) has done for me!  However, I have been told by a nurse here locally that her box (NOT a SunBox box) is great for growing plants, and nothing else!
Other light box companies light boxes are very good for growing plants and not helpful with daily usage especially through winter months (in my case gets worse in winter months) of lifting person(s) out of extreme suicidal depression as your GREAT light box does for me daily again especially through winter months!  I would not be here without The SunBox Company’s light box. And that’s a fact!
With great gratitude and so much thankfulness Merry Christmas!



Dear SunBox company:

I purchased the Sunlight Jr with a carrying case. The day I ordered online, one of the owners called me to make sure their product would arrive safely. We had a friendly conversation during which she learned that my psychiatrist not only used the product but had recommended it to me. She contacted my doctor offering discounts for patients the doctor referred and told me I would be receiving the same discount. Awesome customer service!

When I received the product I used it as I was directed. After a few weeks my sleep was back on schedule for the first time in years. I was falling to sleep within 15 minutes and was waking up without the aid of an alarm clock, feeling rested. I now know that eight hours of sleep means eight hours, not eight hours and two or more trying to fall asleep, with a foggy day to follow.

Best of all I feel happy and was able to work hard on this year’s political campaign, remaining smiling and content, no matter how friendly or rude people reacted. Some friends commented to me that I seemed to be the happiest I have ever been. When I told them about Sunbox, several said they were going to look into the product. Living in Wisconsin we have some mighty dreary and lightless days, especially for those working indoors. Seasonal repression can easily take over.

Thank you SunBox. I will use your Sunlight Jr. 365 days a year. In the summer my time in the sun is also limited because of severe allergies and a heart problem. With the carrying case, if I am away from home the Sunlight Jr. will be a light friend to pack.





Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my Deluxe Feel Bright Light Visor. I was looking for something wearable that would help boost my mood during the shorter months, and this little visor/light has done just that!  I put it on first thing in the morning and go about my daily activities for 15-20 minutes. Instant mood boost!

I’m really, really impressed. Thank you for making such a great product! I feel like I have a great tool to battle my SAD this year.

PaigeAtlanta, GA
97 Monocacy Blvd, Suite C, Frederick, MD 21701 240-651-3286 1-800-548-3968 orders@sunbox.com