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Thanks for repairing my wonderful, 15-year-old SunBox desk lamp

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Thanks for repairing my wonderful, 15-year-old SunBox desk lamp.

I bought the SunBox desk lamp about 15 years ago to reduce the winter “blahs” in my windowless office.  After just a couple of days at work using the lamp, my concentration and memory were noticeably sharper, and I felt much more awake.   Now retired, I use the desk lamp while paying bills and keep it on when watching TV.  Even in sunny Florida, your lamp elevates my overall mood … and after 15 years, the original bulb was still working.  Pretty amazing, eh?

Full spectrum bulbs from the hardware store help with staying awake, but not with feeling alive and fully functional.  It is your wonderful SunBox lamp that has enabled me to live a richer, fuller – even brighter – life for many years.  What you offer and the work you folks do is a real service, and has made a huge difference in my life.

Thanks again

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