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SunBox is the best SAD Light!

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Dear Mr. Owens:

I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I received from your company. Your staff was so helpful with all of my questions. I have terrible depression in the winter. Your Sunbox is the best SAD light. It sure has helped my depression and sleep issues. My husband even teases me about being happier. He laughs when I’m singing in the mornings. I haven’t felt this good in years.

I bought a light from costco and it didn’t help me. My Dr said it wasn’t bright enough, so she told me to buy your product. She said you guys have been in business since the 80s. I found the Sunbox was much brighter that the costco unit.

I also bought a Sunbox for my daughter who is using it at college in Boston. It gets gloomy up there and she hates the long winters. She has her light on a timer next to her bed and it helps her get up for those early morning classes. Thanks for suggesting the timer for her to use.

Again, it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I tell everyone about how wonderful your products are.

Please keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Chris Anne B



Chris Anne BTroy, NY
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