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I’m a HUGE fan of both SunBox the company, and my SunBox lamp. Your customer service is incredible, you are local (to me), and your products are all USA made. I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

About 15 years ago, my therapist suggested adding light therapy to my treatment, as an adjunct for depression and anxiety, during the darker months of the year. I bought a SunSation Lamp with the optional floor stand. For years, I had my morning coffee, read the papers (and procrastinated) for an hour or so under my lamp.  I began to feel much better during those fall and winter months, and I slept more soundly. My light has made an enormous difference in my daily life.

Recently I got a new dog, who is now nine months old and still voraciously bites and chews things. Unbeknownst to me, Izzy had chowed down on the cord to my SunSation, rendering it unusable. I called SunBox, and Terri was immediately helpful. I live close enough to their store that I could drop it off for a cord replacement. (At the same time I learned that I should have been replacing the bulb every three years.)  SunBox replaced the cord for free! I bought a new bulb and ballast, which SunBox installed, as well as a new screen. I also learned that a great deal of cat hair can get inside the lamp for over 15 years!

I would highly recommend their lamps and their store in Frederick, MD to anyone, anywhere. Thank you to everyone at SunBox for what you do.  You are really heroes who save lives.

Thank you.

97 Monocacy Blvd, Suite C, Frederick, MD 21701 240-651-3286 1-800-548-3968