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GS – Reston, VA

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I am so happy with the new SunBox Junior. Thank you for treating me not just as a long time customer but as family. Wanted to share an arrival story.

I had contractors at my house today and finally got a chance to break away,  distractedly, and picked up the old SunBox and took to the trash bin across the street. As I was walking back to my door a USPS delivery person was walking towards me with the package of the new SunBox Jr. that you just shipped yesterday.

I took that as a heavenly sign. Have trust to let go of the old. God has your back, and will catch you and deliver you.

And also as a sign to remember to order a new bulb every three years, lol!

Thank you for your friendly and timely email follow up that prompted me to call you, and your “we’ve got your back” customer service. It felt like my mom had made me lunch.

GS - Reston, VA
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