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SunBox Light Boxes: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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This holiday season, why not give the gift of light? Light boxes from The SunBox Company are available to meet every need and taste, including large models on floor stands for use with exercise equipment, very compact models for frequent travel, and even models designed to fit into standard office decor.

Ready or not, here come the holidays– that period between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we are inundated with images of someone else’s best idea of seasonal joy. Hallmark movies and sentimental commercials filled with images of happy families sharing bountiful meals amid much merriment can make us feel as if we’re the only ones who are not experiencing perfect holiday joy.

According to Mental Health America, many factors can cause holiday depression, including financial concerns, fatigue, stress, unrealistic expectations, family dysfunction and over-commercialization. This year, with the second wave of COVID-19 keeping families and friends apart, even people who typically don’t experience the holiday blues are struggling. Loved ones lost to the Coronavirus, financial insecurity, the inability to travel, no company around the table, and seasonal traditions cancelled– these are the big losses and small but important disappointments that are hitting everyone hard this holiday season.

Holiday blues, compounded by COVID restrictions, is likely to make life especially difficult this year for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a mood disorder related to seasonal variations of light. SAD’s symptoms include anxiety, mood changes, sleep problems, lethargy, overeating, social withdrawal, and more– and it’s more common than some people think. The good news is that those who suffer from SAD report that light treatment frequently relieves many of their symptoms.

The 10,000 Lux Bright Lights line of products from The SunBox Company is perfect for the treatment of SAD. Prescribed and recommended by more than 2,500 health professionals since 1985, the SunBox Company’s bright light therapy fixtures have a special type of white fluorescent light bulbs positioned behind a diffuser to spread the light evenly over the surface of the unit and absorb and filter out potentially harmful UV rays. 

While the critical factor in bright light treatment is the intensity of the light, Sunbox full spectrum light boxes filter out the UV-A and UV-B rays per eye and skin safety guidelines. The fixture is tilted forward, angling the light downward to decrease the apparent brightness of the light while still allowing plenty of light to enter the eyes, producing less glare than other types of lighting and resulting in greater user comfort.

Make someone happy this holiday season…with a light box from SunBox!

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