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SunBox Time in the Morning May Help with Better Sleep!

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Whether you toss and turn in pursuit of slumber or find yourself waking in the wee hours, unable to go back to sleep, getting a good dose of morning sunlight– natural, or the kind simulated by one of our SunBox products– can actually help you sleep better at night.

How can morning light therapy help solve your nighttime sleep woes? Light is the main influencer of each person’s day-and-night cycles, called circadian rhythms. Human beings also have natural tendencies that determine when they most want to sleep, with about 10 percent of people becoming most active between midnight and 8 AM. This phenomenon of being “out of step” with the world is known as a “circadian rhythm disorder.” The difficulty for those who suffer from this disorder occurs because their personal day/night cycles are at odds with society’s normal rhythms– as anyone who struggles to work 9-5 when their circadian rhythms are demanding they sleep during that window of time can attest.

Early indications are that light therapy using a high-quality sunlight simulator like the Sunlight Jr, is helpful in treating circadian rhythm disorders. SunBoxes provide 10,000 lux of bright, white light that closely mimics natural sunlight. Also called phototherapy, light therapy has been studied with regard to numerous medical conditions, including advanced and delayed sleep phase syndromes. Evidence points to the likelihood that both types of sleep disorders can be helped by properly-timed exposure to the type of simulated sunlight produced by a SunBox product.

Research scientists have learned that 15-30 minutes of daily exposure to natural or simulated sunlight first thing in the morning, within an hour of getting out of bed, is beneficial to many people. If you are struggling to sleep well at night, keeping a regular schedule with a consistent wake time, coupled with exposure to natural sunlight or the high-quality simulated sunshine a SunBox provides, is an extremely helpful combination– especially if you have or expect you have a circadian rhythm disorder.

Remember, however, that not all light therapy products are created equal. Not only is SunBox the original bright lightbox company, we are also recognized worldwide as a leader in light therapy products with more than 30 years of proven safety and efficacy. View our extensive product line in our light box store and see how our SunBox products can help you sleep better, feel healthier, and relieve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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