Light Therapy helpful for Daytime Sleepiness, Sleep, & Parkinson Disease

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Bright Light Therapy Lamps

Timed Light Therapy with a SunBox helpful for Daytime Sleepiness & Sleep for those with Parkinson Disease

This new research just published April 2017 in JAMA Neurology is the first published study using Light Therapy to help those impaired by sleep problems associated with Parkinson Disease.

“Light therapy is a well-tolerated, feasible intervention for impaired sleep-wake cycles associated with Parkinson Disease. Bright Light Therapy was associated with improvements in excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep fragmentation, and sleep quality. Light therapy may also be beneficial for motor symptoms of Parkinson Disease. Based on these results, the next logical step is to optimize various parameters of Light Therapy (eg, intensity, duration, and wavelength) not only for impaired sleep and alertness but also for other motor and non-motor manifestations of Parkinson Disease. Such chronobiological treatment strategies would be highly desirable because pharmacological interventions for sleep disturbances in Parkinson Disease have been of modest benefit and may cause unacceptable side effects.” See link below.

Many health professionals are unaware of the use of light therapy and it’s use for depression and sleep problems. Worldwide, Light Therapy is the recommended choice for seasonal depression and some sleep disorders. However, in spite of international recognition, only in Switzerland has the additional economic argument that light therapy is cheaper than drugs and has government endorsement and mandatory reimbursement by medical insurance. New research with light continues and we hope more clinicians will use this helpful treatment in the future.

To read the complete JAMA article, here is the link:

Feel Brighter with Light Therapy Lamps for Sleep Disorders

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