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Have You Noticed a Drastic Change In Your Mood This Winter?

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As the seasons change, the nights grow colder and darker. Those seasonal changes and the lingering darkness can negatively influence mood and lead to depression. Aretaeus (2nd century A.D) wrote, “Lethargics are to be laid in the light, and exposed to the rays of the sun, for the disease is gloom.”

Health experts say seasonal depression is more than just the “winter blues.” Furthermore, such seasonal depression affects certain members of the population to a much higher degree than it might affect others. For example, women, younger people, and those with a family history of depression are most at risk, and these symptoms can last as long as five months! Experts say “It’s an annually recurrent depression process. Rinse, repeat, do it again the next year,” said Kelly Rohan, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychological science at the University of Vermont. “That is a lot of time in depression.” 

Research has identified a link between light, climate, and depression. Fast forward to 2023, we spend most of our days indoors and that can affect our health, appetite, mood, productivity, and sleep. Our fundamental health needs require daily exposure to sunlight to regulate our biological sleep-wake cycle. When our body clocks run smoothly, we feel better. Evidence-based studies have shown that disrupted body clocks are associated with many physical and mental health conditions, including depression, diabetes, obesity, and an increased risk of developing cancer.

Studies found that when one is consistently spending their time indoors with less than an hour of daily exposure to sunlight, one’s mood and body clock suffer as a result. This can lead to signs of depression, and other serious mental health challenges.

The good news is that there are several evidence-backed ways to find relief. Bright light treatment first thing in the morning dramatically improves the symptoms of light deprivation. The morning light (before 8 a.m.) entering your eyes stimulates your brain to produce the right hormones to increase your wakefulness and alertness, and elevate your mood. 

A good light therapy unit like a SunBox, which is one of the 10,000 Lux Bright Lights line of products available at  SunBox, emits light that closely mimics natural morning sunlight. Dr. Paul Desan from Yale School of Medicine tested 24 light therapy units purchased on the internet and found that only three were equivalent to full-size research devices and put out the brightness of 10,000 lux the manufacturer had advertised. A SunBox light was one of the products Desan and his lab tested that met all the clinical requirements! Click here to learn more about our products. 

According to Dr. Desan, there are plenty of lamps out there that won’t do you any good, Today, doctors are concerned that many of the lamps available on the internet may not actually even be bright enough and may not be safe or effective to treat patients. However, unlike other products on the market, The SunBox Company will keep you feeling your best and shining your brightest.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the following:

  • Depression 
  • Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy
  • Changes in appetite or weight
  • Low energy
  • Difficulties completing tasks at work or challenges performing well in school

Those are all signs that it is time to do something and make a change. If you notice any of these signs in you or someone you love, please seek help from a licensed specialist or doctor. Today, light therapy is known to be well tolerated. And using it for just 30 minutes in the morning (within two hours of waking up) can restore your joy this winter. And clinicians also enjoy watching just how great their patients’ conditions can improve within a week of using this light therapy solution. 

Contact SunBox today if you find yourself feeling the wintertime blues and we’ll provide you with the sunlight therapy you need and have you seeing life in a brighter light again in no time!

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