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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Therapy Box for You

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You’ve done your research and talked to your doctor, and have decided that bright light therapy may help with your condition. Now comes the time to choose a light box and get started.

There are a ton of options on the market, and wading through to find one that’s right for your needs can be a daunting task.

Here are 4 tips to help you narrow down your search faster and find the bright light therapy box that’s right for you:

Talk to Your Doctor First

Your doctor should always be your first stop when deciding what type of light therapy box to purchase. They may be able to provide some valuable insight into boxes their patients have loved or disliked, giving you a narrowed-down list before you start researching.

If you have previous or current eye problems related to glaucoma, cataracts, or eye damage from diabetes, bring your eye doctor into this conversation as well. You want to make sure your bright light therapy is going to set you up for success and not risk making another condition worse.

Know the Basics

Not all devices advertised as “light therapy boxes” are created equally. 

While bright light therapy boxes are considered safe for treating a variety of conditions, they are not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This causes a lot of differences in what companies label as a “light therapy box” and creates confusion for consumers.

At minimum, you want your bright light therapy box to provide you with exposure to at least 10,000 lux of light and emit as little UV light as possible. Everything else is just a difference in design and features and won’t impact your experience.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Bright light therapy boxes, such as the ones sold by the Sunbox Company, come in a range of sizes, styles, and designs.

If you plan to stop what you’re doing every morning and sit under your light box from a comfy chair, a full-sized box is going to suit your needs well. 

For those who want to be able to use their light box at a desk during the work day, a smaller lamp is a better choice.

If you’re going to be on the go a lot, traveling for business or pleasure, opt for a light therapy box that comes with a carrying case and other accessories.

Consider Your Budget

Because bright light therapy boxes aren’t considered an “official” treatment for conditions such as seasonal affective disorder, many insurance plans will not cover their purchase.

This means you need to very carefully consider what fits into your budget and where you may need to make some concessions.

If you’re on a limited budget, perhaps you don’t need to opt for the full-sized lamp that comes with a bigger price tag; a smaller box will still help with your symptoms and is a bit easier on your wallet.

Top-Quality Bright Light Therapy Boxes Online

At the Sunbox Company, we believe that shopping for a light therapy box should be as easy as sitting on your couch. That’s why we offer only the highest-quality devices, ready and waiting for your order. Each order is backed by our exceptional customer service, so if you have any questions, concerns, or problems, we’re just an email or phone call away! Shop for your Sunbox today!

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