We would like to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to send us these wonderful testimonials praising our products, customer service, and warranty. It’s difficult to post all of the testimonials we receive, simply due to the length of time we have been in business and the amount that we receive. Here is is a handful of our raving reviews. We are in business to assist people through light therapy, and it is a true pleasure and honor to hear that our SAD light boxes and other products have been and continue to be beneficial in people’s lives.

Dear Mr. Owens,

Thank you SunBox Company! I called your company after dropping my SunLight jr and broke the bulb. You sent a replacement bulb out and I got it in 2 days. I use your product for my sleep and depression problems. The V.A. medical center prescribed the sunbox and I can’t thank you enough for making such a great product to help me and other veterans. Your company is amazing!

Thank you,!

J. ClineUS Army, ret.MN

Great Customer Service! I had a problem with the new bulb but it turned out it may have been a bad ballast in my lamp. Because of the lifetime warranty on the fixture I ended up with a good as new fixture within days. Problems? Call them and they’ll make it right. Exceptional company to do business with!

Amazon Customer

I have 3 SunBox products & they are great! One is on my nightstand, one on my crafting table, and one in my daughters bedroom. They are worth the money and I bought the first one over 10 years ago. Quality built! I love them! :-)


Thank you! WOW! The new bulbs in my SunBox are awesome. I haven’t changed my bulbs in 7 years. These new bulbs really make a difference. I’ll be sure to change them every 3-4 years. Your customer service is amazing. Thanks for coaching me on replacing the bulbs myself. I’m not good at fixing things, but it was pretty easy to change the bulbs out myself. Keep up the good work, Robert from D.C.

RobertWashington D.C.

For the past 8 years, I have felt this lackluster feeling in the winter. It’s miserable, cold, downright ugly outside. I’m working in a windowless office and it has me in such a foul mood. Only now, my doctor has me using your SunBox for 20 minutes in the morning. I’m able to climb out of this hole and feel alright again. Thank you for restoring my body and soul.


I just wanted to tell you, I’m impressed by the quality of your products. I’ve been involved in manufacturing for 35 years. I got your SunRay through the VA. I must say you guys make the best SAD light box out there. The paint job on your SunRay is so nice. I’ll be referring my family and friends to you. I am a Veteran and I thank you for making your product in the USA. God Bless you,

ChadRET USAFConnecticut

WOW! I’ve had my SunBox since 2008. I have to tell you it has made a BIG difference for me, minimizing my winter blues. I use it year round and I love it! I just replaced my bulb and it is much brighter. Your staff is great. Thank you!


Dear SunBox: My doctor prescribed a SunBox to help with my circadian sleep disorder. I can’t wake up for work and I’m tired all the time. After using the SunBox for a week, I am able to wake up earlier and get to work on time. This light had saved me from losing my job. It works better than Peet’s coffee. I didn’t know about light therapy for sleep problems but I can say it works! Thank you for a great product! P.S. My cat loves sitting under the light with me. He seems happier too. Thanks a bunch!


Hello SunBox! This is the best SAD Light! Just had to drop a line to say it was day three using my new SunBox SunSation and all I can say is woo hoo where have you been all my life!! I woke up this morning feeling terrible but the second I turned on my SunSation lamp I got instant relief! Thank you so much!


Sunlight Jr. Therapeutic Light Box This is a great little light that is easy to move, yet big enough to provide the light you need. The company who sells this SAD light couldn’t be more helpful! A real person actually answers the phone every time I’ve called. I’ve ordered two lights. One came with a broken light and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I called another time with a question about how to use it and again, they were very responsive. I highly recommend the SunBox company and this Jr. light.